Dear Vicky….Chicken bones are safe (I asked my vet)

Recently, I posted a bag of chicken bones for sale on Facebook Marketplace (I accidentally purchased chicken instead of beef). In a matter of minutes, I started to receive unsolicited private messages from strangers trying to educate me on the dangers of feeding chicken bones to my dog.

Here is the latest unsolicited message:

And here is my response:

Dear Vicky,

I HAVE asked my vet. In fact, I have asked several vets. I have asked three in Bosnia & Herzegovina, two in Croatia, one in Poland, one in Montenegro and too many to count in Canada. All agree chicken bones are a great addition to my dog’s diet.

If the opinions from multiple vets from around the world are not convincing enough, you will find proof through science. My dog’s most recent bi-annual geriatric blood and urine analysis were analyzed by Dr Ganton at Fairfield Animal Hospital who stated it “all looks great, no concerns”. If chicken bones are bad for my dog, how could she live to be 13 and extremely healthy while being fed a diet inclusive of chicken bones her whole life?

So Vicky…..I will always feed chicken bones to my dog. I know this is ok because I have asked my vet.

Now that you know chicken bones are safe, I invite you to try feeding them to your dog. If you are worried about the raw bones splintering, I suggest throwing them in a meat grinder (a Kitchen Aid meat grinder will work fine) and feeding it raw. I still have the chicken bones for sale at a great price of only $10. LMK if you are interested.

Vicky, I would like to take this time to solicit you. I hand make dog treats and donate 100% of the profits to animal charities. The treats are sourced fresh from local farmers and simple dehydrating methods are used to preserve the high quality and nutritional value of our seasonal ingredients. The treats are free of antibiotics and added hormones; Just fresh, healthy treats for your furry friend. May I interest you in a bag? They are $12 each. More info on these treats here >

Dara-Lynn Nordquist
A Damn Good Dog Mom Who Doesn’t Need Unsolicited Advice

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