Hostel Review: 18/12 Hostel Krakow

Pet Friendly Hostel: 18/12 Hostel Krakow

Tango and I would travel forever if all hostels were as dog friendly as 18/12 Hostel!!!  Oleg opens his apartment-style hostel to those of us traveling with our pooches!  It is a hostel in the sence that it has shared rooms with dormitory style beds and shared bathrooms.  However, it is a home in the sence that Oleg creates a warm and cozy enviroment, offering coffee when we would arrive home.  So it’s a hostel and it’s a home.  It’s a Hostel-Home!  We loved the hostel-homie atmosphere so much, we called 18/12 Hostel home for three lovely weeks.

Best Buds! Oleg and Tango

Dog Friendly Hostel?

This hostel truly knows what “dog friendly” means!  Bowls for food and water were provided as well as her own lil’ kitchen cupboard for safekeeping of her food and treats.  Tango was not banned from any areas of the hostel and was free to roam and interact with the guests.  She would snuggle into the comfy pillows on the couches and wait for someone to enter the kitchen.  I can confirm that Tango supervised many meals in the kitchen during our stay!

Hanging in the kitchen with Oleg


Tango LOVED the location…there are TWO dog stores on the block!  We made it part of our daily routine to go buy Tango food and treats for the day.   There are also multiple veterinarians within easy walking distance.  Within a couple blocks away there are TWO parks with beautiful fountains, statues and walking paths.

The area is safe and not-too-touristy with supermarkets, and a neighbourhood bars and restaurants close by.  My culinary advice…pop downstairs to Krakowski Kumpir for my latest obsession and THE best potatoes!

It is a 15 minute walk to Krakow Center but we didn’t walk and choose to bike or used the tram.  The tram stop is one block away from the hostel with all trams going to the centre and many coming home.  We never waited more than a couple minutes for a tram.  Once on, it’s only a couple stops to the centre.  A ticket for 20 minutes on the tram is 0.65 Euro.  I used a taxi to arrive and it was very cheap.

The flat itself is on the 3rd floor and there is no lift.  Oleg will come down and help you with your bags but the rest of the time you are going to be doing a bum workout a couple times a day.

Tango called the top bunk!


The bed and mattress are very comfortable.  The mattresses and beds may all be new because they are very clean and modern.  Sorry, I didn’t test out the pillow.  Tango and I each travel with our own pillows.  Hers is pink, mine is memory foam!

Large, tall, highschool style lockers are provided in the room with a lock and key.  Talk to Oleg if you need to store your luggage after checkout.  You can probably keep it in your locker.

By night the common area is a cozy spot for  people to come together  to charge their phones and share stories from the day.  By day, Tango and I often snuggled up in this room to get some work done on the computer.

There is a large kitchen equipped with basic essentials so  grab some groceries and cook yourself your favorite dinner.


The owner, Oleg is very nice and hospitable.   He puts a great effort into ensuring the guests’ stay is comfortable.  He isn’t shy to offer tourism advice including transit info and is very knowledgable about the area and things to do.  Expect to be greeted every time you come home and offered a fresh coffee (or for Tango, a pat on the head)!


I paid 9.25 Euro per night and it included cereal breakfast, coffee and tea.  Tango was free.  Stellar deal!

18/12 Hostel Details

Address: Lea 18/12, 30-048 Kraków, Poland

Phone: +48 576 858 939


Have you cuddled in a pet friendly dorm room with your dog?  Drop your experience below!

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