Cycling Poland (Krakow) With Your Dog

Krak贸w Cloth Hall

Cycling Route with Dog Friendly Stops

Our days of cruising Krakow go down as one of the fondest memories of our first European trip. Exploring the town on two wheels gave us the freedom to mix Poland’s historical sightseeing stops with the plethora of dog friendly restaurants, cafes and bars and shops. It felt like I was on a cyclist’s high as we cruised the shoulder of the Vistula River. I waved to children and parents in awe of Tango riding shotgun of the cargo bike we were happy to call our whip for the week.

With the right map, Krakow can be a fun city to explore by bike. Without it, it’s easy to get yourself caught in a maze of narrow one-way streets with cars parked on the roadside and sidewalks. A day of cycling can quickly become a frustrating adventure; Google Maps can’t help you out of this one! We cycled Krakow developing a route with dog friendly stops and bike-friendly paths. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Before you set out on your dog friendly cycle trip

  1. Reserve your bike. I found this great cargo bike through Cool Tour Company Krakow. Call ahead, so it’s available when you arrive; There is only one! They also have many styles of bikes for the whole family including city and beach cruisers.
  2. Get a phone holder. Don’t be like me and drop and then run over your phone. Get a phone holder that will allow you to follow the GPS map and cruise without any related mishaps.
  3. Eat a good breakfast. The morning of your cycling tour, I recommend you sit in the garden of frankie’s and nosh on a nutritious quinoa breakfast bowl complemented with a power shake or super juice. This fab dog friendly restaurant is located a couple of minutes walk from Cool Tour Company Krakow. Head to the back of the restaurant where there is a beautiful outside seating area. Use the wifi and input the GPS coordinates.

Let’s get this bike on the road!

Pick your bike up from Cool Tour Company when they open at 9:30. Bring 100 PLN in cash as a damage deposit as well as an ID they can photocopy. You will sign a small form and then you will be ready to hit the road. Don’t forget to ask for a bike lock.


Stop 1. Old Town and Main Market Square Go up and down the cobblestone streets at your leisure, circling the major sights. If this is your first time in Old Town, take the opportunity to grab some photos. When you are tired of weaving through pedestrians, it’s time to move on using the beautiful paths of Park Planty that circle the Old Town.

Stop 2. The Pope’s Window Cruise into the courtyard and stop for a quick photo. Read this overview while you are there. GPS location: 50.059508,19.935105

Stop 3. Wawel Castle Unfortunately the castle is not dog friendly. You will not get past the gate with a dog. But you can circle the castle and get an idea from the outside of Poland’s largest castle. GPS location: 50.0341.15,19.561169

Stop 4. Smocza Jama On the water side of Wawel Castle is the iconic Dragon. Try to get a picture with it as it breathes hot fire (for real!) GPS location: 50.0540495,19.935412300000053

Stop 5. Pomnik psa D偶oka Just minutes away is the Statue of the dog D偶ok. You can read about the sad “tail” here. GPS location: 50.051516,19.935609999999997

Stop 6. Father Bernatek Footbridge (K艂adka Ojca Bernatka) Cruise the path along the Vistula River and cross the Father Bernatek Footbridge. There is a dedicated pedestrian side and cycle side. Make sure you choose the right one! GPS location: 50.0466211,19.94756559999996

馃洃 Stop for a break! Choose a cafe within the block in front of you and have a drink! 馃洃

Crossing Father Bernatek Footbridge

Let’s explore the Jewish Ghetto


Stop 7. Ko艣ci贸艂 艣w. J贸zefa w Rynku Podg贸rskim (Sorry, I could not find an English translation) This is one of my favourite churches. 99.9% of the world’s churches do not allow dogs to enter, but it is a beautiful church to observe from the outside. GPS location: 50.0433029,19.949893400000065

Stop 8. Ghetto Heroes Square This is an iconic memorial to the victims of the Krak贸w Ghetto with each chair used as a silent reminder of 1,000 deported people. GPS location: 50.0463628,19.95445559999996

Stop 9. Fragment of Ghetto Wall A fragment of the Ghetto wall that the Nazis built around the Jewish ghetto during the WWII GPS location: 50.0445517,19.957653599999958

Stop 10. Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory Unfortunately, the factory is not dog friendly, but it is worth seeing from the outside. GPS location: 50.0474268,19.961332399999947

We are about to cross the bridge and go to the Jewish Square. You may wish to pause this itinerary and pop up to these abandoned places:

Optional Stop 1: Fort 31 Benedykt (Benedict鈥檚 Fort) GPS location: 50.0427436,19.958064899999954

Optional Stop 2: Kamienio艂om Liban (Liban Quarry) GPS location: 50.0037455,19.924964199999977

Stop 11. Jewish Square There are many pubs and restaurants to check out. Stop for some lemonade. The Jewish Square begins as soon as you get off the bridge. GPS location: 50.0520716,19.948523000000023

Stop 12. Pub Stajnia You may recognize this staircase from the scene in Schindler’s List. GPS location: 50.0520716,19.948523000000023

Stop 13. Visit The Galicia Jewish Museum. Yes, it’s dog friendly, go on in! GPS location: 50.05081759999999,19.949632000000065

This concludes the tour for the day! We hope you had as much fun cycling the route as we did creating it!

Making friends at Krak贸w Cloth Hall

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