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Cooking with Marta, founder of www.EatAway.com 📷: StudioPozaKadrem

Local recipes with dog loving locals

I am not a cook, and I do not enjoy spending time in the kitchen.  However, I jumped at the chance to join the founder of EatAway.com at her home for a Pierogi Power Workshop.  Pierogis are one of my favourite foods, and Marta was happy to accommodate Tango, so this was a win, win!

My friend (and photographer of all these fantastic photos), Bart,  joined Tango and me for an afternoon of mingling with pierogi lovers from all over the world.  The U.S.A, Canada, Poland, Korea and Italy were well represented as we sat around a family-style table and tried our hand at perfecting the perfect pierogi.

Taking pierogi making notes from Madeline 📷: StudioPozaKadrem

The workshop was a wonderful way to move out of the touristy area of Krakow and into the beautiful residential area of Salwator.  Bart and I pushed Tango (in her cargo bike) up the long shady, cobblestone lane to Marta’s eclectic home.  With the help of assistant Mira, we immediately jumped into Polish traditions and food.  Marta’s passion for her classic Polish recipes shone from the beginning.  She is a natural entertainer and led an interactive class, getting everyone involved in the making of the pierogis.

This was a truly handmade meal.  The fresh, homemade dough was soft and flexible and I was surprised when it did not stick to my hands.   I tried to create the perfect pierogi using Marta’s filling and closing techniques, something that is not mastered on the first, second or even third try.

Bon appetit! 📷: StudioPozaKadrem

Despite our lack of skill, the meal was delicious.  We noshed on two types of pierogies: sauerkraut with mushrooms and cottage cheese, potatoes and onion.  Potatoe pancakes and fried oscypek accompanied our meal.   In the end, everyone’s sweet tooth was satisfied by a mouthwatering cheesecake topped off with salty caramel.

Marta was a perfect hostess, sharing her pierogi recipe secrets and passion for cooking and Polish cuisine.  I look forward to sharing the EatAway.com philosophy with others and participating in EatAway.com events at our next destinations.

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