40+ Ways To Experience Krakow With Your Dog

St. Mary’s Basilica

Things To Do With Your Dog When Traveling In Krakow!

(1) Tour the city by transit. Get a grand overview of the city by traveling on trolleys and buses.  Transit in Krakow is dog friendly!  Technically your dog is supposed to wear a muzzle, but Tango never did and we never saw other dogs wear one either.

(2) Sit. Stay. Watch Krakaw in 15 minutes.  A multimedia presentation introducing Krakow’s history and the city.

(3) Sniff your way through Krakow with a guided walking tour.  Both Good Cracow Tours and Free Walkative! Tours offer free tours.  *Only the free (not paid) tours are dog friendly*

(4) Listen to the music of Bach, Mozart and Chopin in a live instrumental ensemble.  Christmas music, the Royal Chamber Orchestra and folk music can all be found on the events calendar by Cracow Concerts.

(5) Sit in a chair at Plac Bohaterów Getta.  This is an iconic memorial to the victims of the Kraków Ghetto with each chair used as a silent reminder of 1,000 deported people.

Plac Bohaterów Getta

(6) Stroll through Rynek Glowny (Main Market Square). Krakow’s central Grand Square is a beautiful plaza measuring 10 square acres.  It is home to numerous dog friendly restaurants, cafés, shopping and outdoor entertainment.  Visit both at night and during the day for two different experiences.

(7) Have a royal experience and ride in a horse-drawn carriage.  Leaves from Rynek Glowny every day.  Prices start at 50 euros for 15 minutes.

(8) Chow down on polish food.  Traditional dumpling, soups and duck can all be found at Czarna Kaczka (The Black Duck).  P.S. It is air-conditioned when the Krakow heat is unbearable.

(9) Walk the medieval walkway, Florianska Street. Busy and touristy but rich in history with shopping and restaurants with medieval facades.  Walk to the end (or entrance) to find Florian Gate.

(10) Eat at a food truck park.  Food truck parks are the solution to pleasing a family of hungry individuals.  These parks will please the vegan and the meat eater by offering various traditional polish options.  Parks include Bezogródek Food Truck Park, Judah Square Food Truck ParkDworek Street Food ParkPlac Izaaka and Truckarnia Food Truck Park.

Judah Square Food Truck Park

(11)  Explore the Rakowicki cemetery.  Tombs stand as works of art and artwork on the tombs date back to the cemeteries conception in 1803.  It is home to Polish legends including Pope John Paul II’s parents and monuments to German soldiers of the SS and the Soviet casualties of 1945.

(12) Sniff and stroll your way around (literally, around) the old city.  Planty Park is a 3km ring where the Medieval city walls used to stand.  Now it is home to ponds, fountains and walking trails.

(13) Walk, eat and bar hop your way through the Jewish Quarter.  A lively area with restaurants, cafes, bars and shops set in a district rich in history from when it served as the main cultural centre for Krakow’s Jewish populations,

(14 ) Enjoy the Vistula Boulevards.  Choose to cycle or walk the boulevards built on both sides of the Vistula River.

(15) Rent a bike OMGosh we had so much fun riding around Krakow.  Here is our experience and a dog friendly cycling route.  Rent a dog friendly cargo bike from Cool Tour Company.

Cycling across Bernatek Footbridge

(16)  Chase the ball at Park Błonia.  This massive 50 hectares green patch of grass is every dog’s dream!

(17) Trespass into the abandoned Benedict’s Fort.  Talk about off-the-beaten-track!  Explore this 19th-century fortress built to protect the Vistula River.

(18) Explore the graffiti of Krakow: Walk Józefa Street and Plac Bawół or mark these murals on your map > Murals of Krakow

(19) Shop til’ you drop in an urban shopping mall.  Galeria Krakowska is dog friendly but (understandably) dogs must be on a leash.

(20) Sit at the bar for a taste of Poland’s finest vodka – You can’t come to Poland and not taste vodka!  Your pooch may not be a drinker, but he can sit by your side at most vodka serving establishments while you polish off a vodka tasting flight.

Sippin’ cherry vodka

(21) Share a meal from a milk bar.  We recommend Milkbar Tomasza.  It’s busy so be prepared to share a table.  We shared a table with a lovely new friend from St. Petersburg over a plate of yummy cabbage and mushroom perogies (Tango was only interested in the dough).  Here is a brief history of Krakow’s milk bars.

(22) Go to the movie theatre!  How fun to share a bowl of popcorn with your dog at a movie theatre! Find a showing at Kino Pod Baranami.

(23) Shop the posh designer stores in Pasaz 13.  A small shopping complex built into old townhouses within the Old Town.

(24)  Pick out dog treats, toys and high quality food in a dog store.  There are a plethora of stores to choose from.  Do a Google maps search or visit our favourite Zwierz on Lea Street.

(25) Paddle the Wisła River in a kayak!  I hope you brought the doggie life jacket, Krakowska Fala Kayak Rental offers dog friendly rentals.

Kayaking on the Wisła River

(26) Take a self-guided tour of the stained glass windows in Krakow.  Mark these spots on your map > Stained Glass in Krakow

(27) Explore Liban Quarry, a forgotten Nazi labour camp. If you can handle it!  Learn more here > Liban Quarry

(28)  Take in an art exhibit at Szeroko Otwarta.  Buy a glass of wine and get entry to the art gallery below.

(29)  Get sand between your paws!  Swim at Kryspinów Beach located just 12 km from Krakow.

(30) Pinball Museum.  Unlimited pinball?  Yes, please!  Be warned, you will want to spend your entire day here.  Krakow Pinball Museum is a fun way to take a break from sightseeing midday or spend a couple hours while sipping a few beers at night.

Krakow Pinball Museum

(31) Gotta love a good farmers market!  There are a plethora to choose from: Plac Nowy, Nowy KleparzPlac Imbramowski, and Hala Targowa (Unitarg).

(32) Lick an ice cream cone from Good Lood!  We have eaten ice cream at all of our destinations and therefore have self proclaimed ourselves connoisseur of ice cream from around the world.  This is by far, the best ice cream we have ever tasted.  It is produced in Cracow, using local dairy products.  Click to discover their many locations.

(33) Catch a live show at Teatr Bagatela.  Watching a theatre production is a first for Tango!

(34) Visit the exhibits of Polish and international artists.  “We want a gallery open to everyone” – Galeria Bunkier Sztuki.  I guess they think of dogs as ‘people’ too!

(35) Visit the statue of Dzok.  Learn all about his sad “tail” here.

(36) Listen to buskers between St Florian’s Gate and The Barbican.  The Buskers are aMaZiNg and rotate with musicians playing various instruments.

(37) Pick up souvenirs in the market of the world’s oldest shopping mall, The Sukiennice (the Kraków Cloth Hall).  Or just enjoy the walk through the amazing architecture stretching almost the entire width of the main square.

(38) Visit The Galicia Jewish Museum.  Break down stereotypes and misconceptions typically associated with the Jewish past in Poland.  Inside the museum is also a bookstore and cafe.

(39) Swim in Zakrzówek Lake.  Just 20 minutes on foot from Krakow is the beautiful blue water surrounded by limestone cliffs.

(40) Eat and socialize over a home-cooked meal in a local’s home using www.eataway.com. The founder of eataway.com, Marta, hosts dog friendly classes and workshops in her beautiful home. Please contact individual hosts for their pet policy.  Here is our experience attending Marta’s pierogi workshop.

Pierogi workshop with Marta from Eataway.com

(41) Visit the Stained Glass Workshop and Museum.  Observe the process of stained glass creation in a historic workshop.

(42) Cruise Vistula River on a gondola.  Is your dog a yacht dog like Tango?  Tango loves cruising on the water.  Contact krakow.for.you@interia.pl or visit their website.

(43) Volunteer and/or donate to Stowarzyszenie Dog Rescue Originally a group of friends who loved animals and had a three-word mission “Love, respect, help.” is now a thriving dog rescue with a goal to improve the situation of homeless animals.


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