25 Ways To Experience Sarajevo With Your Dog


Bosnian coffee at Caffe Selfie

Things to do with your dog when traveling in Sarajevo!

(1) Drink Bosnian coffee When in Sarajevo!  Sit amongst the locals and sip this gourmet traditional beverage.  Don’t call it Turkish coffee; there is a difference in the preparation.  Plus the presentation of Bosnian coffee involves much more!  Tango recommends authentic and pet friendly Caffe Selfie.

(2) Play in fortress Bijela Tabija Run, jump and play fetch in the National Monument, White Fortress!  It is in disrepair but is a free place to run wild in ruins dating back to the end of the 14th century and has a fantastic view.

(3) Stroll Old Town Wander the cobblestone streets, have a lunch of traditional food and shop for authentic goods between the plethora of counterfeit fashion.  Please don’t buy fakes…HERE’S WHY…Fakes Are Never In Fashion.

(4) Feed a stray dog Depending on when you visit Sarajevo, there may or may not be a plethora of stray dogs roaming the streets.  They tend to be skittish, so leave some food in an area where they are known to visit or call “home”.  I like to purchase meaty bones and steaks from the local butcher shop.  This is surprisingly very cheap!

(5) Hop on a bike Peddle your way around Sarajevo using NextBike, a public bike share program.  Big dogs can ride alongside you, and lil’ pups can go in the basked on the front! Pick up locations, rates and bike routes here!


Eiffel (Skenderija) Bridge

(6) Walk the Eiffel Bridge Also known as the Skenderija Bridge. This is a pedestrian bridge built by the world-famous creator of the Eiffel Tower.

(7) Smoke at a shisha bar Not a traditional Bosnian experience but a pleasant way to pass the night with friends.  There are many hookah lounges around the city.

(8) Shop Kazandžiluk (Coppersmiths street) Browse the authentic and traditional art of coppersmiths crafting coffee sets, platters and jewellery.  This street can be found steps from Sebilj.

(9) Drink rakija It doesn’t matter that this fruit brandy contains an alcohol content between 40% and 50%, it’s acceptable to drink it at any time of the day! There are tons of different flavours to try depending on the establishment.  My fav is cherry!  Available on many pet friendly patios.

(10) Watch the sunset from the Yellow Fortress A peaceful place to have a coffee or coke while enjoying views of the city.  Sunset is a beautiful time to visit, and it is a quick walk from Baščaršija.


Bobsled track from the 1984 Winter Olypics

(11) Run up and down the bobsled track A visit to the abandoned bobsled track from the 1984 Winter Olympics is a must!  Put on good runners and plan to spend the whole day because you are most likely going to have to walk up and then down from its location on Mount Trevevic.  You may get lucky and find a dog friendly taxi or if your dog fits in a fully enclosed container, you can ride the cable car.  Here is an excellent article with walking instructions.

(12) Gobble up some burek .  Your pooch will be delighted to share this ground beef meat pie.  But if your dog is a cheese lover, try the vegetarian option of sirnica.

(13) Explore the Museum of Literature & Performing Arts  It’s not often that both big and little dogs are invited into a museum!

(14) Visit Child’s Play Memorial This memorial is located in Veliki park where the dogs can go for a stroll and potty break.

(15) Drink water from Sebilj Lap up the legendary water but be aware “Whoever drinks water from any of Sarajevo’s fountains and spouts will come back to Sarajevo”.


Tour with City Sightseeing

(16) Cruise with City Sightseeing You dog will enjoy hanging his head out of the open air bus while you listen to the narrative of Sarajevo’s must-see sights, attractions and historical events.  Check out our experience here!

(17) Experience the Meeting of Cultures This spot divides the Ottoman influence from the Austria-Hungarian influence.

(18) Play and run in Kosovo Park This is a clean, huge park divided by highways but be careful, it’s not fenced.

(19)  Walk with a free walking tour Included with your sightseeing package with City Sightseeing Sarajevo or tour with Insider City Tours & Excursions.

(20) Stand at the site of the Sarajevo Assassination The assassination of Franz Ferdinand began a series of events that later erupted into WW1.


Sarajevo Roses

(21) Tour the Sarajevo Roses Red resin fills craters created by mortar shells to mark the spots of the casualties of the Siege of Sarajevo.  You will find them in various locations all over the city.

(22) Chow down on fresh fruit and veggies from local stands  The produce selection is localy grown, organic and inexpensive.  The perfect ingredients for a picnic fit for you and the pooch!

(23) Explore the Čolina Kapa Astronomical Observatory  It was once a military fortress during WWII, then an astronomical observatory and now a crumbling and abandoned building on the Trebević mountaintop.

(24) Visit the Old Jewish Cemetery of Sarajevo No visit to Sarajevo would be complete without wandering through a cemetery.  Why not choose one that is almost 500 hundred years old?!?

(25) Donate to the amazing efforts of Milena Malasevic and her organization, Saving Suffering Strays Sarajevo.  Learn about the organization and then DONATE!

Did you cross off all 25 experiences with your pooch?  Comment below!

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