How to Search for Pet Friendly Hotels

The most commonly asked question I receive is “Is it hard to find pet friendly hotels?”  In all honesty, finding a place to rest our head is the easiest part of traveling with Tango.  I’m going to show you how to navigate online booking sites so you can browse all types of dog friendly accommodations from hostels to resorts!

Budget travelors, this is your site!  Hostels are a great place to meet lifelong friends, drink all day without judgement and save money so you can spend on experiences. offers dorm and private rooms from all over the world.  Watch out though, most hostels don’t allow pets in dorm rooms, and instead, you must purchase a private room.  This price can be comparable to a lovely little apartment on so do your research before booking.

Searching pet friendly accommodation is as easy as selecting Facilites and then checking the Pet Friendly box.

pet friendly hotels

This site has an amazing amount of properties ranging from budget to luxury.  I love the upfront and flexible cancellation policy on most properties.  I do not love that I am unable to message the property directly before booking to discuss pet charges and policies.  Each property listing has a pet section (see image below) that will state one of these three stipulations:

  1. Pets are not allowed
  2. Pets are allowed. Charges may apply
  3. Free! Pets are allowed on request.  No extra charges

It appears clear, but it leaves a lot to be asked.  What are the charges? How do I request before booking?  I try to communicate with the property immediately after booking to ensure we have a happy check-in and no surprises.

pet friendly hotels

To include pet friendly hotels in your search results, conduct a search and then scroll down to Facilities on the left-hand side of the screen.  Click Pet Friendly.  Continuously double check to ensure this box is ticked.  This pet friendly characteristic gets easily turned off when navigating from page to page.  Click here to check out

pet friendly hotels

Searching pet friendly rentals on is easy.  Go to More Filters > House Rules > Pets Allowed.  Be sure to have a search with the Pets Allowed filter unchecked. If you find a pet-unfriendly property, send a little note explaining you have a well-behaved dog and ask if they would make an exception.  It’s worked for me!

Here’s my FAVORITE PRO TRAVEL TIP!!!  I use this all the time.  As I have mentioned, Tango and I travel slow for many reasons, but the main reason is IT’S CHEAPER!!! Check out these two quotes for the same property on

pet friendly hotels

For the same price, you can stay an extra 10 days!  That’s like getting 10 days FREE!!!  Some properties on are heavily discounted if you stay for a minimum of 28 days.  I have seen discounts from 10% to 60%!

Hotwire is an online booking site offering deeply discounted pet friendly hotels, but they do not reveal the name of the hotel until after you have paid the non-refundable rate.  It sounds too good to be true because it is.  Don’t get me wrong, I had used and loved this site many times when I wasn’t traveling with Tango. However, booking on has the potential to cause expensive problems for someone traveling with a pet.

To search for pet friendly hotels simply go to Amenities and select Pet Friendly.  This filter reveals accommodation that offers pet friendly rooms as appose to accommodation that is pet friendly.  This means that even though you secure a room using the pet friendly filter, you may show up to your destination to be turned away because there are no pet friendly rooms available in the hotel.

It is impossible to research the pet policy without the name of the hotel.  Therefore, you potentially could book the hotel only to find out that pets are limited by a weight or breed restriction.  You may also encounter an unexpected pet fee or a fee so large that it may have been worth booking a higher star hotel with a minimal pet charge.  The room has to be extremely heavily discounted for me to roll the dice on

When Tango and I want to spoil ourselves, we do a quick search on  Hip hideaways and boutique resorts have been handpicked and experienced in person.  Each retreat is backed by an honest & detailed review that inspires us to book quirky floating lodges and glamping spots!

Searching for pet friendly rooms is easy.  From the home page, select Advanced Search > Must Have > Pets Welcome

pet friendly hotels

Do you have any tips for finding pet friendly hotels?  Comment below!


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