Veterinary Care in Split, Croatia

We were in Split, Croatia when Tango needed medical assistance.  Tango had become very “uncomfortable” every night.  She licked her arms until they were soaking wet, she licked the air (I know now this is due to nausea), she constantly coughed and had problems swallowing her everyday food and treats.  I thought it would pass but it only got worse and thus I did a Google search and found many veterinary clinics with good reviews.  I chose the closest one and we dropped by one morning.  Needing veterinary care while on vacation can be scary but we were comforted when we found Veterinary Clinic Pilic and their amazing staff.

pet friendly croatia

Exam at Veterinary Clinic Pilic

We were welcomed into Veterinary Clinic Pilic by a veterinarian (who is also the owner) and Tango was given an exam right away.  No appointment needed!  English was the veterinarian’s second language and she spoke it very well and we were able to easily communicate and narrow down Tango’s problem right away.  This diagnosis of food allergies made sense to me as I had been feeding Tango pate chicken (not raw as she normally gets) despite having a hunch that chicken pate didn’t agree with her.  At the time, it was the best quality food I could find.  Tango was given both an antihistamine and antiemetic injection to help with the allergy symptoms and nausea.  I refused the corticosteroid injection that helps to enhance the action of the antihistamine and instead opted to visit the clinic daily for the same concoction of injections until her symptoms were relieved.  I do not like the side effects of corticosteroids and visiting the clinic daily was not a bother for us.  The vet recommended a diet of raw food and pointed us in the direction of dog stores that sell Raw BARK Diet. We were able to stock up and stay away from chicken pate.

During our appointment Tango had blood work done. It took an hour for the results so we walked down to the beach while we waited.  The antihistamine injection made Tango drowsy so she had a seaside snooze and I had a drink.  Parenting at it’s finest!

pet friendly croatia

Mommy having a drink while Tango slept off her antihistamine!

The blood work showed Tango’s renal (kidney) levels were a bit high. Fortunately, I get Tango’s blood work done every 6 months to one year so I had something to compare it to.  To further investigate the high renal lever, I had to get a pee sample from Tango to test her BUN levels.  This should have been easy as the immediate sample was nice and large but somehow we spilled it between her legs.   I guess she’s not used to me being down there and was caught off guard and we got tangled.  So I asked her to “potty” again and she immediately squatted, I shoved the cup under her and she proceeded to let a steamy, wet shit go in my face.  Wrong potty Tango!  Luckily I got outta the way.   I never thought I would be chasing after my dog trying to catch a pee sample on the busy streets of Croatia.  I finally got the pee sample we needed it showed blood in her urine which could have been an indication of a urinary track infection and it was suggested that I may want to put Tango on antibiotics.  Being very anti-antibiotics, I decided that if there was still blood in her urine when we retested in a weeks time that I would put her on antibiotics then.

I also had an EKG done on Tango due to her coughing.  Older dogs should get this test done anyways so the timing worked out well.  It came back perfectly fine.  Good to know Tango has a strong heart!  It was recommended that she take Rubenal 300 for a week before we retested all her levels.  Rubenal 300 is just a pill of rhubarb powder and palm oil (I hate having to buy non-certified palm oil – poor orangutans :()  The first night after her antihistamine wore off, Tango became very perky; she was feeling so much better! Her tail hadn’t wagged like that in a long time!

We went back twice more for her antihistamine and antiemetic injections and then after a week we retested Tango’s pee and blood.   The blood in her urine had disappeared and her BUN levels were going down.  I needed to have the BUN retested in a month.  They did not think it was kidneys as once thought.  I think the high blood level was due to dehydration.

pet friendly croatia

A drowsy seaside walk makes everything better!

Both vets and their assistant were awesome and thorough.  The clinic was very clean and sterile. Compared to Canada, the service was very inexpensive.  Tango’s EKG was 76 euros.  The rest of her first appointment was only 49 euros and included an exam, two injections (antiemetic and antihistamine) and blood work.

The veterinary practices at Veterinary Clinic Pilic mirrored those in Canada and I feel this is the standard veterinary care one can expect through Croatia.  I  believe  Tango received the best care I could give her no matter what country we were in.  If you find yourself in Croatia needing veterinary assistance, I have no doubts that your furry friend will be taken care of properly!

Do you have a story about needing veterinary care for your fury friend while on vacation?  Share it below in the comments!

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