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I didn’t know what to expect when we left our home in Canada on a cold February morning.  This could be the trip of a lifetime that I rave about into my old age.  Or it could be a complete and utter flop and disaster.  Thankfully, it is not the latter and we have already made many memories, had positive dog friendly experiences and learned a few travel hacks to share with you and your pooch.

pet friendly venice

Our favorite dog friendly memories, experiences and travel hacks!

Favorite Food from Dog Friendly Restaurants:                                                                              

Veggie Burger: Toto’s Burger Bar in Split, Croatia
Pizza: Vecia Gina in Venice, Italy
Soup: Cucumber Soup from Banana Split in Split, Croatia
Mexican: Cantina Mexicana in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Favorite Dog Friendly Airport: We haven’t found one that has impressed us yet.  However the in-terminal pet relief area station in the Calgary airport is noteworthy.  Unfortunately, Tango refused to use it.  You can find this potty area area post-security in Concourse B adjacent to Gate B34 in the Domestic Terminal Building.

Favorite Dog Friendly Airport Hack: Utilizing lounges! Free food, wine, clean bathrooms and comfy seats for a sleep. Each lounge has its own official pet policy but I have yet to see one.  They are satistfied with me pointing to a corner and telling them we will hide out there.  Tango is never in a carrier so I just put her on her bed.  I have never had a problem or been denied access.  Our American Express Platinum card comes with free access to lounges world-wide.  Learn more about this amazing card here!

Favorite Dog Friendly Destination:  I haven’t narrowed our favorite destination down yet.  Every time I arrive somewhere I say “Ok!  This is going to be my favorite place.  I am never going to want to leave!”  And then I leave and say it again when I get to the next destination.  If I must choose I will choose both Venice and Paris for being so incredibly dog friendly and allowing Tango everywhere (except museums!)

Pet Friendly Venice

Favorite Luxury Dog Friendly Accommodation: Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center – The rooms where great and the service was friendly and prompt.  The location was easily accessible but what really put this hotel to the top of the list was access to the Executive Lounge where an incredible morning and night buffet was served with snacks and drinks available during the day.  Between the three of us I bet we saved over $1000 during our 4 day stay by utilizing the lounge.  Various types of wine, beer, juices, coffee and bottled water were plentiful.  The quality and variety of the meat selection every night was amazing.  Not every room allows access to the Executive Lounge so be sure to book an Executive room or better to receive the perk of the lounge.  We stayed in a lovely Junior Suite with a faint view of the Eiffel Tower (no Instagram worthy pics from our window!)  It was a very dog friendly hotel for Tango, she had no issues but she was not allowed in the lounge!

Favorite Budget Dog Friendly Accommodation: Hostel Golden Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina – This is the first hostel I have found where Tango is allowed to sleep in my dorm room with me!!!  Other hostels make us stay in a private room and it ends up costing as much as an apartment on AirBnb.  A full review of this hostel is coming soon!  Sign up for our newsletter below to be notified.

Favorite Dog Friendly Hotel Booking Site: is my favorite as it is easy to search for pet friendly accommodation.  However, I wish I could contact the owner of the property prior to booking to discuss pet details.

Favorite Dog Friendly Experience:  Oh my gosh, we have had so many wonderful dog friendly experiences.  Flying first class with Tango and my parents from Calgary to Amsterdam on KLM was pretty awesome and an unforgetable experience!

Pet Friendly Airplane

Favorite Dog Friendly Supplement: Rx Vitamins RxBiotic is probably the most important supplement of the four Tango takes on a daily basis.  Check out her other supplements here!

Favorite Dog Friendly Snack to carry: Packaged nuts!  They are also a safe snack for Tango and I to share.  The dont stink (you don’t want to be the person who brought tuna), they are packed with filling protein, and have a little sugar for a false energy kick.

Favorite Dog Friendly Hiking Spot: Marjan Park in Split, Croatia.  We would get up in the morning and climb (what I approximate to be) 600 stairs before it got too hot.  I can spend all day hiking here and we sometimes did!

Favorite Dog Friendly Beach: From Beach Bene on the north side of Marjan Park in Split, Croatia to Marjanska Vrata.  You will see “No Dog” signs but many have been spray painted and it is obvious locals do not obey the signs.

dog friendly beach

Marjan Park and beach in Split, Croatia.

Favorite Dog Friendly Word: Mali – it means ‘small’ in Bosnian.  Everything small is mali including a baby, child and dog.  It is used often by strangers approaching Tango and is used as a world of endearment.

Favorite Dog Friendly Train Trip: Overnight from Zagreb to Split. We got into our private room at 11pm and snuggled in with some wine and a movie on my phone.  We woke up 8 hours later in Split in time to watch the sun rise out of our train window.  It was very inexpensive and Tango was half price of my ticket.

Favorite Dog Store: We haven’t found one that stands out but we appreciate any dog store with quality raw food.

Favorite Dog Accessory: Tango’s walking leash.  A 4 foot leash wraps around my waist and another 4 foot leash connects the waisted leash to her.  This way my hands are free and my hips are stopping her from pulling.  When I want her to have more room, I undo the waist part and use the handle on the leash originally around my waist.

Favorite Travel Companion: Tango of course, but my parents are a very close second!

And some of my favorites….

Favorite Wine: Our home town is in the beautiful Okanagan Valley and know for its amazing variety and quality of grapes and wines.  We have yet to find a wine that outshines our home-grown vino but we will keep trying 😉

Favorite Way to Communicate with Home: It sounds old school but email allows me to share photos and video easily with everyone from my grandma to my friends.

Favorite Netflix Show to download to my phone: That 70’s Show and Friends. I can’t fall asleep without listing to one of them.

Favorite App: It’s not fancy but Google Maps is the most practical app on my phone.  Before arriving at my next destination, I download the offline map of my destination and mark my accommodation, dog stores, veterinarian clinics and train station.  I would be lost without this app.

Favorite Human Supplement: N.A.C. This is the supplement I always remember to take!  It’s an essential amino acid used by the body to make to make the antioxidant, glutathione.  This supplement breaks up mucus when you are sick, helps to heal liver damage and people swear by it for  controlling lung diseases and anxiety.

Favorite Piece of Luggage:  I am never without my Gucci GG Waist Bag.  It’s protects both Tango’s and my valuables and documents from pickpockets. It’s comfortable to carry, not like those money belts for travel.  I would love to get another one as mine is getting torn and ratty but they appear to be sold out everywhere.

Favorite Credit Card: Amex Platnium credit card – I can’t rave enough about this card.  It has saved me over $2000 of travel related expenses to date.  Read about the savings and perks here!

American Express Platinum

Do you have any dog friendly memories, experiences or travel hacks you would like to share with us?  Comment below!

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