A Day in the Life of a Dog Mom Traveling the World!

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We can’t complain. We have it pretty good! A day in the life of us is, well…awesome!

It all starts with puppy snuggles

Half asleep spooning and giving belly rubs and morning breath kisses. It feels good to be a dog mom! Soon after, Tango wants breakfast. Then it’s back to bed for Tango, and I start to “work from bed” (my favourite freelance expression). I first check my inbox. I am usually 8 to 9 hours ahead of home, so I look forward to waking up to my family and friend’s emails. I check my work email create a to-do list and of course check Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. After an hour or so of this, we get up and head out for a potty walk. Then we come home, shower, make some breaky or head out for breaky. I’m a breakfast person and I need something in the am or I start my day hangry! Our day then goes one of two ways: we either work or play!

The Working Dog Mom

If it’s a workday, it is typically raining or a cloudy day. We will stay home and plug away or head to a local eatery with strong wi-fi. Tangos good about laying on her pink mat and people watching. After a couple of hours, she needs a walk. We repeat this process, eating yummy food and discovering new eateries. Of course Tango tries the food too!  What kind of dog mom would I be if I didn’t share?

A workday also includes filming for our vlog. Poor Tango may get a lot of treats, but she is constantly being asked to “sit and stay” for extended periods of time, walk a certain way, go back and do it again. It’s tiring for both her and me. By the end of a day of filming we just want to eat and veg.

Quality Play time

A play day, on the other hand, does not include cameras or phones! Just good ol’ quality mommy and me time. Tango and I explore new places, visiting parks and seaside walls. We find new dog stores and restaurants; we might hit up some tourist attractions and hopefully meet new people along the way.

At night we are big fans of Netflix and chill (and I mean the 2009 version of Netflix and chill before it became a euphemism for you know what). Dinners out are expensive, and we are on a tight budget, so finger food from the local farmers market and a glass of wine is how I like to wind down. I always send an email home to our friends and family to check in and describe our day!

I feel very blessed and spoiled to be able to spend every minute of my day with Tango.  I hope you too are able to find a balance in your life to spend quality time with your fur baby!

Are you traveling the world with your pup?  Share your story below!

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