Pet Friendly Restaurants in Split, Croatia

We eat soooo well in Split!  We had no problems finding pet friendly restaurants that let Tango and I dine.  Here is a list of restauarants we visited.  I do not intend to provide a complete resource of pet friendly dining, I only comment on the restaurants we have experienced.

pet friendly restaurants

Vegan Friendly

Toto’s Burgers – This is by far the best veggie burger I have ever had, and I have eaten a lot of veggie burgers!  Meat eaters don’t worry, both meat eaters and vegans can get their fill in unison.  Expect a fresh bun stuffed with a quality burger and top-notch ingredients large enough to fill the men in the family up!  They are a great value starting at 6 Euro. Eat in, sit on the street or my favourite, take your meal across the street and eat seaside.  We eat here so many times all the staff knew Tango by name!

Marta’s Veggie Fusion – Whole potatoes cut infront of us and made into the best fries ever!  We often sat next to other dogs and enjoyed fresh made juice and chai pudding for breakfast.

Cheap Eats and Drinks

Charlie’s Bar – A hostel bar may or may not be your cup of tea, however, it is the most dog friendly food and beverage establishment we encountered in Split.  Tango was welcomed to run around off leash, exploring and visiting with guests and staff while I played cards and enjoyed a few bevvies!   Other dogs came in and out during the night.  It’s easy going with a party atmosphere and cheap drinks. Spoiled Tango was gifted a tee shirt which I had a seamstress customise into a doggy shirt.

Pizza Cut Planet 1 and Pizza Cut Planet 2 – This is a great place to get ok pizza at a budget price. I couldn’t complain about the quality of the pizza as it starts at 1.35 Euro; however, their dog policy is inconsistent. My first experience was at Pizza Cut Planet 1. I asked if the dog was allowed and was told yes. I ordered a pizza, everything was great. Went back the next day and all of a sudden I was denied ordering as dogs were not allowed. So I walked to Pizza Cut Planet 2 where they had no problem serving me. I guess the current dog policy depends on the staff working.

Principessa Pancake Company – If you are North American, think crepes, not pancakes! I went here most days (no exhaduration!) For 2.80 Euro I had homemade crepes filled with cheese and cream. That’s how I like to start my day!  This place does not allow you to sit down inside with your dog. However, they allowed Tango inside while they made us a to go package which we then eat on the Riva overlooking the sea.

Luka Ice Cream and Cakes – Dogs are welcomed on the patio with a large pink dog dish, however, they are not allowed inside.  That’s ok because they have a take-out window where you can order what is arguably the best homemade ice cream in Split for an amazing price of 1.20 Euro.  That includes the waffle cone!

Bobis – You will find numerous of these pastry shops around Split.  Great for a doughnut or traditional cheese burek on the go. Very budget friendly with freshly baked items starting at 0.53 Euros.

Seaside Stops

Ovcice –  Unfortunately the beach of Bacvice is not open to dogs and therefore, there are only a handful of restaurants that will not allow you to enjoy the view with your pooch.  Luckily, Ovcice is a for sure bet.   We enjoyed a beverage on the patio with many other pooches.

All of the patios along the Riva allow dogs. I am not sure about inside, but the atmosphere outside is so inviting you will definitely want to get a patio spot. OliveTree receives a standing ovation for being extra dog friendly, allowing Tango to sit on the chairs or on my lap and for welcoming her with water.  Our nightly routine involved going to OliveTree for a yummy hot chocolate with cream before bed.  Next door, Antique Bar is tolerant, but dogs are not allowed on the furniture.

Other Mentions

BEPA – Pick this place to be part of the action as it is set in the main square of The Old Town. I can only comment on the tuna burger, but it was very good. Not a typical tuna filet, kind of mashed into a patty.

FIFI –  It’s a shame this restaurant is NOT dog friendly. It is known for being a budget friendly restaurant with huge portions of authentic Croatian dishes. We were sad to be turned away as we thought this would be our daily meal stop.

Because every meal needs wine!

Wine on tap…this was the best find!  Located at Plinarska 29, Ilocki Podrumi has won the most international awards of all the wineries in Croatia.  This location has kegs of wine and will fill up any container you bring them.  Choose from Bijeli Pinot (Pinot Blanc), Grasevina (Riesling), Traminac (Gewürztraminer), Chardonay and thier only red, Kapistran Crni.  Prices are amazing at 2.13 Euros to 2.30 Euros per 1 litre.

If you don’t have a container, you can purchase different sized containers for cheap.  I purchased thier PVC 1 litre for 0.20 Euro.  They also have containers up to 5 L and non PVC options.

I do not believe they have a dog policy but Tango was welcomed every time (and we visited ALOT!)  This, thier amazing prices and the fact that they accept American Express made them one of our favorite stops! Is there anything better than receiving travel points for wine purchases?!?!  If you haven’t read my article about how we travel on travel points and how you can too, you may do so here.



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