Pet Friendly Accommodation in Split, Croatia


Tango and I really do have the best luck when it comes to accommodation!  We found many pet friendly accommodations in Split ranging from budget to luxury price points. Choose to camp or stay in a hotel, hostel, B&B or apartment.

Pet Friendly Accommodation

What area of Split to stay in

The three areas of Split we recommend are

1) Marjan peninsula

2) the area from the old town to Bacvice beach and of course

3) inside the Diocletian Palace

All are within an easy walking distance of each other and the hustle and bustle of restaurants, shops, markets and of course the sea!

Our Recommended Four Paw Pet Friendly Accommodation in Split

We moved several times in Split as we stayed longer than we intended and all of our accommodation was fantastic. We first extended our stay because we loved being by the sea and had not yet gotten our fill of the city and its walking trails. Then we stayed because Tango got sick and needed daily visits to the vet. These are the places we stayed and recommend.

Inn the Heart of the Palace This studio was our first stay and is literally in the palace walls. It really is perfectly located in a very special location. It is steps from the dog park and the Riva with restaurants and shops right outside the doorstep. A very roomy studio big enough for two or for the working solo traveler. Perfectly equipped for our two week stay with a kitchen, sitting area and desk. The only downside is the hot water tank is very small so I had to take very quick showers. Expect a 30 Euro cleaning charge for pets.

pet friendly accomodation in SplitNera Luxury Apartments We spoiled ourselves with this gem on the hill of Marjan park. Beautifully renovated with modern touches and a balcony overlooking the sea. We prefer this location to inside the palace as it has immediate access to Marjan park with over 600 stairs we could climb in the morning before it got too hot. Went spent hours a day exploring Marjan park and it’s beautiful seaside walking and hiking trails. It is also steps from the palace and its amenities.  There is a cleaning charge for pets.

pet friendly accomodation in Split

Apartment Varoš This studio is teeny tini but perfect if you are sightseeing all day and using it as a place to crash. I wouldn’t recommend more than one person or a big dog to occupy this space. Clean, modern and again perfectly located on Marjan Hill. The ad states no pets allowed however, we asked nicely and it was not a problem.  No extra charge for pets.

Apartment Varoš

Luxury Pet Friendly Accommodation in Split

There is an abundance of pet friendly accommodation from hotels to luxury villas. With a budget of 100 euros or more a night, you will not have a problem finding pet friendly accommodation.

Heritage Jupiter Luxury Hotel – A small, 40 room lifestyle hotel offering various size rooms restored with authentic stone walls. Located in the Diocletian Palace, breakfast is included and there are an outdoor jacuzzi and sauna on the rooftop.

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Hotel Park – Recently renovated and overlooking both the hotel pool and Bačvice beach, this pet friendly hotel has an authentic Mediterranean feel.

Budget Pet Friendly Accommodation in Split

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find pet friendly accommodation at a budget price in Split during the tourism season. We were lucky enough to travel during the offseason and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves while being affordable.

SplitVillage Camp Tenting just 50 meters from the sea sounds amazing! However, with a price of up to 20 Euros, I don’t know if this is the best budget friendly choice.

Hostel Cicada This hostel is a rare find as it is uncommon to find a hostel that allows pets in dormitory rooms. Most pets, when welcome, are only allowed to occupy private rooms which are costly and end up being priced similarly to a single apartment. Hostel Cicada is priced from 12 Euros. Comment below if you stayed in the dormitory rooms of this hostel, we are a little obsessed with finding hostels that allow dogs to share the dormitory rooms.

A quick search on will provide a list of available pet friendly hostels in Split with private rooms.

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