I LOVE American Express Platinum for Pet Friendly Travel

american express platinumEvery traveler needs the American Express Platinum card! Before we begin:

1. This article is biased towards Canadians
2. This card must be paid off in full every month
3. I will receive $150 in travel credit (or 15,000 points) if you use this AFFILIATE LINK TO SIGN UP
4. The annual cost is $699 *Don’t worry, I’m about to show you how you get that back right away*

Now the most important question. “How do I get my money’s worth from the $699 annual cost?” Easy…

1. Every year you will receive a $200 credit valid from January 1st to December 31st to use on the AmericanExpress.com Travel Website. This is an annual calendar credit, therefore, you will receive it twice in the first year of having your American Express Platinum card. Use it for any flight, hotel or car rental on the site. I used mine to pay for a fantastic three-day stay for my parents and myself at a hotel in Nice, France. As I write this, I am reminded that I still have another $200 credit waiting for me! Value of this perk: $400
2.Once you use your American Express Platinum card to purchase $3,000 within the first three months, you will receive a credit of 60,000 points. Value of this perk: $600 when used for travel *Note: If you don’t use this AFFILIATE LINK TO SIGN UP you will only receive 50,000 points*


Right now you are ahead $301! Do I need to go on?

I will, as the savings don’t stop there. You will also receive:

1. Complimentary airport lounge access is most cities regardless of ticket class or fare. Free champagne always tastes better! Value of this perk: minimum $523 (I’ll show you how to get your furry friend into the lounges in a later post!)
2. Amazing customer service. You will always speak to someone IN CANADA! They are open 24 hours/7 days a week (this an American Express Platinum Member only perk) Value of this perk: $PRICELESS Cliche I know, but it really IS priceless
3. Standby Travel Medical Concierge for medical emergencies and American Express Platinum Concierge for your entertainment and shopping needs! (They are currently trying to find a sold-out Gucci Dog Backpack for Tango. Fingers Crossed!)
4. Medical Insurance, Baggage Insurance, Hotel Burglary Insurance and many other insurances
5. 1 point for every 1.25 dollars you spend

How I used my American Express Points:

I applied my points to just shy of $1000 worth of travel charges in the first four months of having my American Express Platinum card. Check out some of our covered expenses:
$116.46 – I did not spend a dollar out of pocket for our 1 week stay in Venice, Italy at the fabulous Best Western Premier Hotel and instead paid the hotel stay with Airmiles and the taxes with American Express Points.
$186.54 – We arrived in Villach, Austria at midnight and were tired from a day of missing and getting on the wrong trains. Our options included waiting in a smoke-filled room with strange men for the next 4 hours until the next train or grabbing the hotel across the street and a later train. We had a wonderful sleep, slept in and had a hot shower. This stay also allowed us to explore the small Austrian town.
$58.31 – Tango and I became stranded at a bus stop in Lbjuanana, Slovenia after a bus driver would not let dogs on the bus. It was 11pm, and a freak snowstorm had blanketed the city. I was already paying for a hotel in our intended destination of Zagreb and I did not want to pay out of pocket for a second hotel room. We found a B&B and used our points to pay for this unexpected and unbudgeted accommodation.
$119.76 – Tango was sick in Split, Croatia and we had to extend our stay to allow for additional tests. Our American Express points allowed us to extend our stay for 5 days without going into our wallet.
$88.56 – Our overnight train trip in Croatia from Zagreb to Split in a private sleeper berth.

Explore the many more benefits of the American Express Platinum card on their website: www.americanexpress.ca

Don’t forget to use this AFFILIATE LINK TO SIGN UP when you are ready

to join the Platinum Club!

Any questions? Drop them in the comment section below!

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