Pickpockets and Why Having a Dog Makes you an Easy Target

Pickpocketing….the old crime haunting worldwide destinations and its unsuspecting tourists. We all know not to leave our wallet in our front pocket, keep purses and valuables close to us and to wear a money belt under our clothes. But is that enough when traveling with a dog? Pickpockets are constantly reinventing their art with new schemes, and you can bet our pooches will be used against us in a form of the famous Compassion and Distraction technique.


Learn about the newest variation of the old Compassion and Distraction trick

Imagine walking down the street and someone smiles at you, makes kissy noises at your dog and bends down to give Rover the best behind the ear scratch he has ever received. Your attention is captured looking at Rover and his new friend. You answer the common questions; How old is he? What is his name? Boy or girl? Meanwhile, the pickpocket’s teammate has been behind you and taken your valuables. Ugh!

How can you tell the difference between pickpockets and an actual dog lover?

Chances are you won’t be able to. Instead, don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Carry a “dummy” wallet just in case. Appear familiar with the area and put your map, phone and camera away. Walk with certainty and remember, a confident person walking a dog probably isn’t a tourist, they are a likely a local.

Have you had the unfortunate experience of being pickpocketed or encountered a close call? Share your experience below.

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