Daily Diary – Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

29 April 2018 – Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I woke up with no food in the apartment and no cash.  This was a hangy disaster waiting to happen.  Everywhere takes cash only and the nearest bank machine was a 15 minute walk in the 30 degree heat.  We made the trek, got some cash and went to our fav pizza place to realize it’s Sunday and therefore closed.  So we grabbed an Oreo ice cream cone for so much needed sugar and hangry distractor.  Worst ice cream of my life.  It was vanilla with speckles.  

The cats had full bellies today with beef I had gotten at the butcher shop.  Some love the fresh beef.  Ohers, not so much.  But they are very curious and love to pop in and out of our apartment.  Tango doesn’t care, as long as they don’t eat her food.  They are healthy for the most part and I see locals leaving them food everywhere.  1 in 10 look malnutrition and all are fairly friendly and not skittish.

30 April 2018 – Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Our long but fun filled day started with cleaning and packing the apartment and then heading back via taxi to our previous hostel, Golden Bridge. Tango and I settled into the same bed as previously stayed in, for a lil nap and then headed for pizza. A lady with her daughter sat next to us at the pizza joint and started playing with tango. One thing led to another and she invited us to come to her neighbouring community of blaqaj to visit her vegetable and fruit orchard. An amazing 80 hectares contained peaches, grapes, beans, strawberries, watermelons and more. We picked and nibbled on fresh cherries and layla climbed cherry trees as tango scrounged on the ground. Outfront of the orchard sits a newly constructed fruit stand offering more than just food of the land, there is ice cream and drinks as well as local home made goods. We then traveled another 10 km down the road to a spring of the Buna river and monastery. Very picturesque.

When having pizza, Layla asked me what I was going to wear to join them. Lol. I love the honesty of kids!  It was a fair question . I have been rolling around in some cheap mens shorts, a men’s tank top and sports bra.  So I made a stop at a local second hand shop and bought a dress lol. She liked it! We twirled in our dresses.

Here is a lil’ video of Tango at Blagaj!

1 May 2018 – Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Holidays…..they appear unexpectedly, and all the shops are closed, the train schedule changes and I feel unprepared. Does anyone have a secret for planning for these days? I guess I could look at a calendar every once in a while. But then I wouldn’t feel like I was on holidays. Right now we are in the middle of a 5 day long holiday weekend. No wonder I couldn’t find reasonably priced accommodation in Sarajevo. The hostel prices don’t generally change during long weekends however I could not find a dog friendly hostel with a private room and no hostels allow dogs in the dorms. We don’t mind hanging out in Mostar and waiting….we are spending our day cafe hopping with fellow travellers from the hostel. It’s so hot (30 degrees) that lounging on the cafe patios is all Tango is up for. I thought we found a new go-to breakfast restaurant but instead I received the worst scrambled eggs of my life. Bosnia’s love their salt and I don’t salt any food. Good thing it was only 1.75 Euros.

P.S.  Can we talk about this fabric Tango is sleeping on?!?  I am in love with it.  I want my whole house accented in this fabric!


2 May 2018  – Mostar, Bosnia

Today we woke up itchin’ to move on to our next destination. I did a quick Airbnb search, and prices are reasonable in Sarajevo again! Off to the train stop, we went to buy our tickets but instead found ourselves in an argument with the ticket agent. Apparently, no dogs allowed unless in a bag despite the website saying dogs of any size are half price. The excuse I was told is that they have new trains and the website is in reference to the old trains. Sucks to be us. A search on Blablacar came up empty and my family would kill me if they learned I hitchhiked. This means we have to take a taxi to Sarajevo at a cost of 140 marks (72 Euros). I had a nice taxi driver lined up and then lost his number despite putting it in a “super special” place. At this point, I was reevaluating my desire to go to Sarajevo and where else we could go. I am being pulled to Sarajevo by a city life full of amenities, dog stores for Tango and my friend Valentine.

We went for some lunch and to reevaluate our life then joined Stephan on the way home for a drink at his favourite cafe.

I ended up booking a place for a month in Sarajevo. We will go tomorrow with a company Stephan told me about. They do a rideshare, but it is sold out so I will pay for a private transfer.

We had a great afternoon, hanging out with others from the hostel and going for a few more drinks at the cafe and then ending the night in the common room with a movie night.

Can’t wait for Sarajevo tomorrow!

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